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  • The Great Monarch Of My Time

    Just like any other folk born in the 21st century, there is but one great feminine name that turned into a model name. The only queen that i have heard for as long as i have grown till I learned of her death most recently, Queen Elizabeth ii. So many theories were formed as a result of her long reign. I almost fell prey to the factually incorrect speculations. Like how on earth is it possible that the royal family members do not die when at the time of my birth, Lady Diana’s tragic death was still a fresh horror in people’s hearts. 

    Not long after that, two years after i was born. Like i have read on the internet. Princess margaret died in her sleep. The queen mother too was not immortal. That time, i was not understanding, we may say. But Lilibet’s charming and glamorous Prince Phillip died in my 21st year of life. I realised that due to the fact that Lilibet ascended the throne in her youthful days and remained an integrious ruler for so long a period. Queen Elizabeth turned into some kind of same old story, and people got so used to the great Queen of England. Others carelessly spoke in anticipation of a new monarch. Some People were born, raised and died in her majesty’s reign. Some thought she is eternal. A sham i believed from my brother. That the queen does not die but rather keeps renewing herself. Sad to say, she will be the only female monarch of our time for a very long time as far the line of succession is concerned. 

    When on the news, it was announced that the queen had passed on. I was shocked like as if the common men were not dying around the world.  It was news that got millions around the world wake from their slumber of taking times for granted. Personally, i paid keen attention to the queen after her death. And learnt about her integrity and courageous spirit that kept her for seventy years. A humorous woman with a great smile that must have been one of elements Phillip fell for.

    However, with all that aside. One great significant lesson that echoes through eternity is knowing of the King of kings and queens. He brings forth leaders and ends their reigns. Like common men, their bodies flourish and perish like bright flowers today, are cut down tomorrow. I would love to bring to your attention that whatever man has tried in his means to perform great and subtle inventions. The truth remains that God’s knowledge is far from mans knowledge  as far as the earth is from the heavens. After all, without the creator, we wouldn’t be able to do anything.

    The psalmist clearly acknowledges The Lord’s invincible reign, 

    Psalm 47:7-9, For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding God reigneth over the heathen: God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness  The princes of the people are gathered together, even the people of the God of Abraham: for the shields of the earth belong unto God: he is greatly exalted. 

    Let us not cease giving him the respect he deserves for he holds our lives on the palms of his hand. And with the tip of his finger, he orchestrates the paths of our lives.

    Soli deo gloria!

  • Chaotic innocents!

    To  mothers!  To nannys! To kindergarten teachers! I mean all these extraordinary humans have a different charming resilience bestowed on them. As patient as them, let the drum beats of that old saying turn to their direction because thumbs up and hats off.

         It is a normal and human feeling most of all to feel humble even if not loving ,as some may not be. With smooth, and sweet little giggling-for-no-reason humans in the vicinity. They can be therapeautic spreading their innocence in deeds and thoughtless speeches. They could occupy you for countless moments of utter boredom. They are small angels whose goodness is not planned for but felt tingling down the passages of our imperfect hearts. 

           They are desirous because they don’t harbour hatred but pure smiles to those who can skilfully fulfill their needs. 

            And ofcourse, the romance will not stay for a while. They will suddenly get tired and the only and best way to express themselves is through getting rid of monotony. Through demontrations of chaotic noises and continuous cries of change. They always opt for revolutions as long as the services are not efficient enough to keep them.

                If it is morethan one infant,  then possibilities of screaming at them and they reciprocate with giggles is high because you will be the only one taking things so personal. I don’t know where else is best to learn patience attending to activities of this world. The chaotic innocents will get you flying with an A in patience because its their speciality.

    Get ready buddy

  • Hello World!

    I cant wait treading this interesting walk of life with you because it is worth your company.

    Looking and observing at the events around us. Small or big, they both have something significant to communicate to us .

    Life is a one time journey and so friends join me on this great voyage. A lot of stuff needs to be archived before we are gone. The storms, the crystal clear smiling waters and so on and so forth.